The Playground

Below are lots of our Flash mathematics games


Bedingo - - Bingo for Brain Training

link to Bedingo Brain Training Bingo game

Bracket Basics - - Using brackets, BODMAS

link to Bracket Basics activity

Chunking - - Division by chunking
(see also traditional Long Division method below)

link to Chunking activity

Cross the Maze - - Give a car simple directions

Link to Cross the Maze game

Fraction Monkeys - - Equivalent fractions

link to Fraction Monkeys equivalent fractions game

Fruit Picker - - the rotation challenge game

link to Fruit Picker game

Grid Mult - - the Grid Multiplication method
(see also Short Multiplication and Long Multiplication methods below)

link to Grid Mult activity

Hidden Ships - - Find ships using grid coordinates (A3, E5)

link to Hidden Ships

Learn Your Tables - - fantastic Times Tables resource

link to Learn Your Tables activity

Learn More Tables - - where you can extend your skills to 11 times tables, 12 times tables, and lots more.
For gifted and talented children only? Of course not.

link to Learn More Tables

Long Div - - Long Division method resource
(see also Chunking Division method above)

link to Long Division website

Long Mult - - Long Multiplication method resource
(see also Grid Multiplication method above and Short Multiplication method below)

link to Long Multiplication game

Rabbit Takeaway - - Basic subtraction skills game

link to Rabbit Takeaway

River Tables - - Times Tables Racing Game

link to the River Tables game

Shape Rotate - - 360 degrees in a circle

link to Shape Rotate activity

Short Multiplication - - traditional written method
(see also Grid Multiplication and Long Multiplication methods above)

link to Short Multiplication

Tally Game - - use tally marks to count cars

link to Tally Game

Tangram Games - - Solve tangram puzzles

link to the Tangram Games website