SUMS Maths as SCORM (version SCORM 2004)

Our SCORM content is chargeable. The cost for a perpetual licence (whole school, includes use from home ) is £ 490 for a Primary school, or £ 1,950 for an Academy/Secondary school - small schools and special cases by negotiation. Activities are delivered as Zip files on CD (or by download).

We have provided many local education authorities with LA wide licences at a substantial discount.

Below are 8 samples activities from the 80 for you to get started with (each one is a Zip file as required by SCORM 2004). Download them and load them to your VLE. Note that all of our activities use Flash, so devices used to access them also need to support Flash.

Eight sample SUMS Maths 'disaggregated SCORM' packs
IMPORTANT. Each download is already a Zip file, so simply save it on your computer. Your Learning Management System will then be able to import the Zip file - no need to unzip it. This assumes that your LMS supports this version of SCORM.
Bracket Basics
Division Factory
Fraction Monkeys
Fruit Picker
Solve problems using 1 or 2 brackets.
Divide by small numbers.
Hang fractions on a number line (equivalent fractions).
Solve a problem using degress or rotation.
Hidden Craft
Place Value Darts
Rabbit Takeaway
Word Game
Find ships hidden on a grid with addresses like A2, D1 etc.
Use known numbers facts with place value.
Take small numbers away from each other.
Match numbers written as words and figures.

SUMS "Landing Pages"
Some of our users like our disaggregated approach (that is, every activity as a separate SCORM pack) but they want one place for users to quickly get to every activity. To do this set up a "landing page", with the name and picture of every activity, and then link it within the Learning Platform to individual pages containing the separate SCORM packs. We can supply a set of small pictures to save you time.

landing page 1

landing page 2

zip file of landing pages and pictures download